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Naturopathic doctor, Vanessa Lindsay (Vaartnou) makes it her mission to support her patients overcome obstacles in order to fully engage in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. Lindsay integrates evidence- and science-informed treatments with traditional therapies to address the root cause of illness. Drawing from her knowledge of physiology, pathology, and clinical experience, she works with you to identify and address physical and mental barriers preventing you from reaching your wellness goals.

Dr. Lindsay welcomes patients of all ages, supporting individuals with acute and chronic conditions as well as those looking to take a proactive approach to their health. Recognizing the importance of mental wellness in healing physical ailments, she evaluates all aspects of health and tailors her treatment to best suit your needs. Dr. Lindsay believes that when provided with the right tools the body has the ability to balance itself.

Dr. Lindsay is a naturopathic doctor with special interests in neurological and mental health, physical medicine and rehabilitation, endocrinology, and immune wellness. Her experience with biological dentistry has sparked an interest in oral health and she welcomes patients with complicated dental issues requiring a multifactorial, multi-system approach.

She is currently accepting new patients at Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic in Fairview.